Bruce Carr

My intention is to infuse the viewer with uplifting energy, and an inspired emotional response.

I attempt to create a connection and an appreciation for Mother Nature’s ability to emotionally nourish our souls and the belief that we are all connected.

Each piece is uniquely inspired with its own story. If you care to hear the inspiration, I will be happy to share it with you. On the other hand, I do not volunteer the inspiration enabling others to connect with their personal heart felt emotion.
The materials consist of found or recycled materials. The wood comes from Colorado and Florida deadfall, feathers from walks on the beach, leather from old worn out horse tack. While I lived in Florida, I was the curatorial committee choice at the Ponte Vedra Beach Culture Center. The materials on their own are insignificant, but when connected come together to tell a story waiting to be told. We are all connected.

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