Brinkley Messick


Brink works out of a 1964 Airstream art studio in Salida Colorado. He loves making art, playing outside, hero dirt, deep snow and good beer. Brink’s career is split between his artistic pursuits and environmental stewardship and trail development, and enjoys finding synergy between the two.

The medium that he uses most is acrylic on salvaged or reclaimed wood, and his subject matter is heavily influenced by the landscapes, wilderness areas and trails he works on in the Southern Rockies.

Brink spends a lot of time outside for work and for pleasure, and he’s pretty bald so hats are not an optional accessory but an essential piece of gear.  To save some dough Brink began to make his own by turning old worn out carharts into patches  and sewing them onto thrift store trucker hats.  Ten years later he has refined his methods but the general process is more or less the same. The patches of Brinks hats are made from reclaimed or salvaged canvas and each one is hand pained individually making each one unique.



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