Upper Arkansas Region Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

Upper Arkansas Region Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

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Upper Arkansas Region Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs

Background-The Upper Arkansas Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Sector Partnership received funding from the State to promote tourism and outdoor recreation. One of the strategies was to explore the “Ogden” model based on the success of the Ogden, Utah region to become among the most successful areas in the Country for tourism and outdoor recreation. In addition, Chaffee County has hosted an “Entrepreneurial Boot Camp” for people with ideas seeking to launch a business and businesses seeking to grow.


The goal of this highly interactive weekend work session is to support and inspire the entrepreneurs from across the Region. Although this session is being hosted in Buena Vista, the hope is that we’re able to draw about 50% of the participants from other towns throughout the Region.

For three years, Chaffee County has partnered with CU’s Deming Center, in an effort to help folks looking to start a new business, craft a new product/service concept or just simply flex their creativity and stretch into a new career path.

Whatever their motivation, the purpose of this Boot Camp is to help each person’s desire to begin a new business idea (or dust off an old one).

“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Ultimately, we hope this Boot Camp series promotes creative business thinking and sparks entrepreneurial energy throughout the Region.

Who and When: Three professors from the CU Leeds School of Business, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship will lead a day and a half long “workshop” starting Friday afternoon, April 21 and concluding on Saturday April 22.

Where: The “Boot Camp” will be held in Buena Vista, Colorado. Watershed will serve as the initial meeting place for the “scavenger hunt” exercise. The Boot Camp will continue on Saturday at Colorado Mountain College.

Cost: There is no cost for individuals and businesses that complete a simple on line survey. Please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T5RNSXS and complete the Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Survey. Space is limited so please sign up now!

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