TRAVELS – Zebra Butts to Coffee Cups (and lots of stuff in between)

TRAVELS – Zebra Butts to Coffee Cups (and lots of stuff in between)

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French l’Apéro to Celebrate Hum’s Art Opening

Saturday April 13    5:00 – 8:00pm    –   Coldwell Banker Collegiate Peaks Realty 139 W. First St in Salida.

Quintessentially steeped in French Culture, “l’apéro” is the part of the day when the French stop doing what they’re doing and convene for a drink over small plates. For Francophile artist Sue Ann Hum’s Art Reception Saturday night, the public is invited to l’Apéro, a fun evening of great tastes, music, networking – and of course, art! Local musician Casey Houlihan sets the mood with a solo gig for Sue Ann’s show. While many may know him as the upright bass player for Trout Steak Revival; few may realize his talent for freshly baked French baguettes. They’ll be the perfect complement for Sue Ann’s l’Apéro – of light French snacks. The casual, spring gathering is at Coldwell Banker Collegiate Peaks Realty from 5:00 – 8:00pm at 139 W. First St in Salida.

All who know Sue Ann, know that her love of travel highly influence her artworks in oils and watercolors. It’s no surprise then that this new group of paintings is TRAVELS – Zebra Butts to Coffee Cups …and Lots of Stuff In Between. The people places and things she has observed in France, Africa and throughout the States come together to build this exhibit.

Wait. Back up. Zebra butts? “Thaaaat’s right” says Sue Ann. “We were in Africa – and I fell in love with zebra butts. The power in freedom of these animals, pounding the Serengeti plans until the lorry vibrated, was one of the most magnificent things I’ll ever witness. Mesmerizing. Then there’s the solace of sitting at a window table in a Paris café – with a good cup of coffee and a friend checking phone updates. They are all a part of my travels.”

Her work in Travels enjoys the dance of the artist’s gestural line as it becomes shape and composition. Studies and quick captures are shown alongside many more elaborate expressions of similar subjects. One senses Sue Ann is beginning to trust that, when it comes to painting, less is more. There are Studio works that may have taken weeks; and plein air works completed in less than 3 hours. Always a constant, color drives her expression; her warm palette indicative of her welcoming view of life. Her brushwork is influenced by Impressionist, post-Impressionism, les Nabis and Fauvism. Storytelling has always driven Sue Ann’s painting. Within each painting the viewer is invited to find the story – discovering the artist’s inspiration and influence. In her most recent works, “Café et Fenêtre (Coffee and Window)” “Cupboard Trio,” “Shaded Charolais,’ and “Saussicion avec noisettes et du Vin” Hum’s brushwork shows a bolder, freer style; exploring the dynamics of mark-making and disappearing detail.  With a huge admiration for Van Gogh, Monet, Bonnard, Cezzane, Chagall and Matisse, Hum is also influenced by many contemporary artists including Kostya Lupanov, Nicolas Martin.

A full time ‘Creative’ and an entrepreneur, Sue Ann Hum is Chaffee County artist and hosts artists on “My Art Trip’ journeys to France. Sue Ann has had the honor of exclusive access for her students to paint inside Monet’s Gardens for the past 5 years and also travels through Van Gogh’s France.

Here at home she and her husband Rick are dedicated volunteers. Sue Ann is in her third year serving as President for Salida Council for the Arts and has helped organize over 60 volunteers as Chairwoman of the 2019 Salida Art Walk. In spring 2018 she co-Produced, adapted for the stage and Directed “Big Bad Mood and other Love Stories”. She and Rick love dancing, Pickleball, mountain activities, cooking and time spent with their adult & grand children and – traveling.

Hum is a member of Salida’s DRAW group, Salida Plein Air Painters, Plein Air Artists of Colorado, Colorado Watercolor Society and Sangre Art Guild. Her works in oils, watercolors, graphite and colored pencil have been displayed in various juried shows in metro Denver and other Colorado towns – as well as solo shows in Giverny, France. Her complete collection may be viewed by appointment.

Facebook / Sue Ann Hum, Artist

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