Tips, Tricks & Tax Techniques for Non-Profits

Tips, Tricks & Tax Techniques for Non-Profits

Tips, Tricks & Tax Techniques for Non-Profits

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Tips, Tricks & Tax Techniques for Non-Profits

 Riding the Regulation Rollercoaster

The Salida Creative District is sponsoring a free 1 hour seminar with a Q&A afterwards on Colorado Nonprofit Organizations.

Date, Time & Location:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. or later if needed for Q&A

Steamplant Event Center Riverside Annex

Topics covered:

Non-Profit Basics—Commonly Used but Sometimes Misunderstood Legal and Tax Terminology

Sales Tax Exemptions – How to Avoid Paying Tax on Purchases & When to Collect Sales Tax on Your Sales

Workers and Volunteers – Volunteers, Employees or Something Else? What Forms Do We Need to File? What Expenses Can Volunteers Legally Deduct on Their Annual Income Tax Returns?

Raffles – How do We Legally Conduct a Raffle to Raise Funds for Our Nonprofit?

Enterprise Zones in Colorado – A Short Discussion on the Basics in Colorado.

Insurance – Do We Even Need It? What type of Insurance Should We Consider?

PLUS: An Overview of Good Recordkeeping Practices

This seminar will provide attendees with a foundation for understanding some of the tax and legal basics required for the efficient and proper operation of a nonprofit organization in Colorado.

Presenter is Patti Arthur, Esq. of Anderson & Hughes, P.C., Salida and Denver. Patti has practiced law for over 25 years, holds a Master of Laws Degree in Taxation from the University of Denver, and represents Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations nationwide. She is a frequent Seminar and Webinar presenter on a wide variety of topics of interest to Nonprofit Organizations.

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