Free Movie @ The SteamPlant – Private Violence

Free Movie @ The SteamPlant – Private Violence

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Each month, Sellars Project Space, in conjunction with the Salida Creative District, will host a variety of inspiring and thought-provoking documentaries. These films are carefully selected to connect with the community by inspiring a stronger awareness of social issues, nature & the environment, as well as the arts and artists, to enhance community engagement and participation.

The Free Movie for October @ the SteamPlant Theater will be Private Violence, a 2014 HBO documentary about domestic abuse and the frustrations victims and their advocates face confronting the current legal system. The film, presented during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, is being shown in partnership with Salida’s Alliance Against Domestic Abuse and the Salida Creative District.

“The most dangerous place for women in America is their own home: One in four women experiences violence there at the hands of an abusive husband or boyfriend every day. Moreover, 1,700 American women are murdered every year when they leave or try to leave abusive relationships, and 48% of the women killed in domestic violence homicides are murdered after they leave or are in the process of leaving.  PRIVATE VIOLENCE emphasizes the stigma domestic violence still carries for its victims, telling the stories of two women: Deanna, a victim turned survivor, and Kit Gruelle, a survivor who advocates for justice on behalf of Deanna and other battered women. Highlighting the complex, frustrating realities of the abuse women suffer every day at the hands of intimate partners, as well as the difficulties of prosecuting domestic violence cases.”

The movie is scheduled for Tuesday, October 11th, at 7 p.m. at the Salida SteamPlant Theater. 

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