Dies Librorum/Day of Books!

Dies Librorum/Day of Books!

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Saturday, Dec. 10th:

Dies Librorum/Day of Books!
Think Holidays!
Meet and Greet 8 Authors!
12:00 noon – 8:00 P.M. Informal Drop in!
Nate Calderone, Graphic Novel Illustrator
Jack Rand, Secrets of a Strategic Business Coach
Chris Burnette, 101 Uses for Moonshine
Lawton Grinter, I Hike!
Holly Felmlee, The Pinched Pinkney Plan
Barbara Oliverio, Love on the Back Burner, Lover on the Liodo Deck, Passports
and Plum  Blossoms

Hall Walter, Endurance, Full Tilt Boogie, Wild Burro Races
Jane Ewing, My Calligraphy, My Response

15% off their books all day!
Appetizers and Refreshments!

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